Patio Maintenance

We will revive and repair your old patio


We can take the stress out of patio entertaining. We offer a yearly patio maintenance program that includes some of the most important features of your outdoor living space.

  • Patio cleaning including paver degreasing, power washing, polymeric sand repair, and paver replacement of any damaged pavers
  • Patio furniture set up and cleaning
  • Outdoor Grill setup and degreasing
  • Repair broken caps on sitting walls or fire pits
  • Fire Pit clean out
  • Patio plantings including beds around your patio or potted plants to place on your patio

These services are also offered as needed


We can bring your patio back to a like new condition. 

  • Paver replacement or reinstall of existing pavers with the appropriate grading
  • Repairs to areas of patio that may have settled or were improperly installed
  • Repairs to retaining walls and sitting walls
  • Repairs to outdoor kitchen grills and storage appliances
  • Repairs to outdoor lighting
  • Repairs to pool coping
  • Repairs to patio water features and water features in pools and hot tubs
  • General masonry repairs are also available

Let us make your backyard an oasis again!