Rainwater Harvesting System

We at Young Landscapes will keep bringing you what you need for your back yard. We educate ourselves all winter long to bring you new technology for you backyard. This year we have brought you something that can save you money and help the environment. The first is called Rainwater Harvesting System and the second is permeable pavers.

Have you ever thought of collecting water in rain barrel that is very unattractive and can only hold 50 gallons of water? Well the future is here, the Rain X-change Rainwater Harvesting system from Aquascape has been introduced! The great thing about The Rainwater Harvesting system is that you are bringing a the natural beauty of a waterfall or fountain to your yard but at the same time can hold 500 or more gallons of water into an underground basin that is then filtered by the waterfall. The worst part of a rain barrel is that trying to get the water to where you want to use it can be a pain. The Aquascape system has a booster pump installed inside or outside your house that feeds right from the basin which can be hooked directly into your garden hose or drip irrigation system for full pressure. You can also collect water not only from the roof but from your patio, walkway or driveway using permeable pavers.

The permeable paver is great way to solve problems with run off coming from your driveway. How it works is using the same pavers that you would install but these pavers have larger spaces in between the pavers that are filled with a small stone instead of polymeric sand or stone dust. The water will naturally filter through the stone collecting all the oils and hazard materials as it passes through and is filtered back into the aquifers that wells pump out of water. The second option is putting a liner under the permeable pavers and stone to collect the water and funnel it the Rainwater Harvest system which would then filter the water to use for irrigation purposes.

Reasons for collecting rainwater.
• Stops erosion and runoff
• Rain water has more nutrition for plants then well or city water does.
• Helps prevent harmful chemicals and trash to wash into rivers and oceans.
• 1 inch of rainfall is on a 2,000sqft can collect 1,250 gallons of rainfall that can be reused.
• Reduce city water bills and sewage bills.

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